About Us

It was a business path that was waiting to be taken. With over twenty five years’ worth of background in the garments industry, the Inocencio family has had a lengthy list of clients that range from the hospitality to the industrial companies in the country. Having grown up in such a thriving family business, with rolls upon rolls of fabrics and sewing machines dotting their dress shop – and even in their home – Celize Inocencio-Firmalo would naturally develop a sharp business acumen from a very early age. It would also follow that her own business venture would take a turn toward the sartorial.

“Runway Dreams started out as a joint collaboration between me and my mom,” Celize shares, “I’ve looked up to her as a mentor in both the business and the designing sides.” What started out as a mere experiment with scrap fabrics, deconstructing blouses and pants, and finding and discovering the symmetries in these pieces of clothing, Celize followed her heart’s calling and found that it was in vogue not only with her own aesthetics, but with her classmates’ as well. In college, she started off with practicing her eye and technical know-how with silk belts that can be tied around the waist, adding a bright splash of pastel colors on an otherwise bland coed’s jeans-and-shirt daily ensemble. What’s so smart about it? It also functioned as a purse. The belt also had a small pouch where college kids – or dare we say professionals as well – could put in the essentials: your phone, money, credit cards, or keys. It was among the first sure signs of a future flight of fancy.

Starting out on May 2012, Runway Dreams was an immediate hit – so much so that its first physical store in SM Muntinlupa followed suit in October 19 of the same year. Fast forward to 2016, Runway Dreams moved to a bigger and better store location at the Ground Floor of Festival Supermall, Muntinlupa City.

Due to the pandemic, Runway Dreams has reopened it's online store. In a very short amount of time, it has shifted from a retail eCommerce website to a reseller and wholesale hub to cater to Filipinos looking for quality women's apparel to resell online.